A Rough, Transparent, Draft of my PhD Thesis

Matt Marshall

Chapter 6: Evaluating Accounting Tools #notes

This chapter presents an empirical account of deploying and evaluating the novel accounting systems produced in the previous chapter, and the design requirements that arise as a result.


Study Scope

This study and evaluation covers a staged set of deployments of the tools designed in Chapter 5 across. During the final stages of the “User-Centred Design” phase of research two additional organisations were approached and were involved in steering a set of changes to Rosemary Accounts in particular. In June 2017 the tools were deployed with a view of evaluating their fitness for purpose as well as iterating in some small way to iron out problems and increase uptake.

As noted earlier , this took place across several phases of research as engagement and uptake of the tools was limited at first.

As the deployment and evaluation phase of the research was extended across some time and a variety of methods were used to engage participants in evaluating the systems. These methods are discussed more in-depth earlier in the thesis; but are touched upon here in order to situate them in the research’s timeline more clearly.

Initial Deployments

Structured Deployments

Interviews with Stakeholders


The context horseshoe (drowning in tags)

System use and non-use

TBC (Focused around desires for other stakeholders)


Commitment and action modelling

Dialectic Transparency

Summary / Conclusions